Real showroom, privileged place where imagination and creative mix to the relevance of personal advice, our room is distinguished above all others: people come to self-discovery, with the desire to be fun, be tempted by unexpected harmonies between materials, styles and ambiance. Our sales and design professionals with life long experience in the furniture industry will gladly spend time with you to point out the various features and differences between the many brands, so that you become the ' Best Informed Consumer '. Our commitment is to offer excellent service to every customer.

This website only portraits a small portal of furniture we can access. Many of the lines we carry, you most likely will not see a better selection under one roof at most furniture stores. We take great pride in displaying the best quality you can buy. Our 6 floors showroom is almost 1200 square meters where you discover your own style in living with unlimited, new designs full of relaxes and lux.

Delicate designs filled with hidden extras and extraordinary features and benefits, all at a value appropriate for all customers.